20 Beautiful and Timeless Pearl Earrings for You

Examples of beautiful pearl earrings include pearl drop and stud earrings. Whichever your choice is, they are very charming and elegant, especially due to the luster and polish.

When it comes to the staple of women’s jewelry, the pearl earrings make one of the most popular choices among women. As we all know, Pearl is always considered a timeless selection of accessories to add elegance and luxury to our appearance. The earrings itself are available with various style options. There are pearl stud earrings as well as pearl drop earrings, and each has its way to appeal you. In today, we will share some valuable things about earrings with pearl you will always find interesting to know, helping you to find one that fits you.

Pearl Earrings

Natural pearls for pearl earrings are always what you wish to have, but remember that they come with a price. The colors can be white, gray, cream, silver, or black. And speaking of black pearls, they are rare. All of them available on the market are usually white pearls dyed to black. Meanwhile, the color of pearl itself often depends on the types of oysters they come from. Aside from the colors mentioned earlier, pearls can also be dyed to look pink, blue, red, or green-tinged.

Pearl Stud Earrings

There are various styles of earrings you can choose with pearls. One of them is stud earrings that are often desirable due to their understated beauty and elegance, which are often considered as the qualities and reasons why pearls can finish off a look without having to look contrived. When you are shopping for pearl stud earrings, the buying considerations are typically similar to those of when you are buying any pearls. You may want to refer to the pearl varieties, which are usually divided into freshwater and saltwater pearls.

Pearl drop Earrings

On the other hand, you can consider buying the drop earrings instead. The drop earrings, especially those with pearls, are often known to be the ideal staple for elegant attire. With drop earrings, an adornment is often found, such as a bead or a gemstone, dropping below the earlobe of the wearer from the earring’s base. Again and again, the same buying considerations also apply when you decide to buy drop earrings with pearls, including the luster and look of the Pearl used to make the pearl drop earrings you are about to buy.

Images for Pearl Stud and Drop Earrings

It’s also good to know that pearl earrings made from natural round pearls are very, very rare. It’s because the creation of pure pearls involves layers of nacre from time to time. Hence, if you prefer the perfectly round pearl for, let’s say, your pearl stud earrings, expect to spend your fortune. This is why the cultured pearls are the most often choices used to make the earrings. And when you are buying the earrings, including pearl drop earrings, be sure to try on as the pearl size is ideally proportionate to the size and shape of your face.

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