21 Diamond Stud Earrings Models and Buying Tips

Find beautiful diamond stud earrings for women and men with the help of these buying tips and considerations. You do not have to spend your fortune to find the best diamond for the earrings.

The diamond stud earrings are one of the most favorite diamond jewelry women always want to have in their jewelry armoire. Unfortunately, shopping for diamond jewelry can be truly challenging, especially if you have no clear idea about what exactly you need to look for. While diamond stud earrings for women are the most common option we can find in the jewelry stores, today we can also find the diamond stud earrings for men. Today, we have some tips to buy diamond earrings you will find useful when you shop. Read on!

Diamond Stud Earrings

When you start shopping for diamond stud earrings, think about the size of diamond to choose. When it comes to this diamond size, there are some factors taken into account, and your personal preference in style is one of them. If you prefer to wear the earrings even for casual daytime outfits, we highly recommend you to opt for the smaller diamond since it’s much easier to be paired with a casual look. Meanwhile, larger diamonds are more appropriate to wear with evening wear or fancier outfits. When it comes to deciding which diamond size that suits you, the total carat weight or TDW should be considered.

Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

The second important consideration you need to take into account is the cutting style of the diamond that will suit you. Remember that this stone can be cut into different shapes. This way, you can find any shape and style for both large and small diamond you wish to wear, even for diamond stud earrings for men. Round brilliant with 58 facets is often considered as the most modern cutting style for diamond. Other cuts that have a less traditional look consider Emerald, Asscher, and princess cuts.

Diamond Stud Earrings for Women

Pay attention to the quality of the diamond. Remember that diamond is relatively expensive in general. The quality of the diamond is determined by the four Cs: carat, cut, color, and clarity. The clearer and colorless the diamond is, the more expensive it is. This is why colored diamonds are less expensive than crystal clear one. Meanwhile, clarity refers to any flaws spotted on the diamond, with diamonds with no flaw surely are costlier. When you go shopping for diamond stud earrings for women with a limited budget, consider the four Cs so you can find out what option that fits your budget by compromising which factor(s).

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Last but not least, your budget is always an important factor in determining which diamond stud earrings to buy. Again and again, refer to the four Cs to help you decide which diamond that will work with your budget. Colored diamonds can make a great choice if you want the less expensive option with a unique look, such as diamond stud earrings for men with black diamond—plus, they tend to make flaws less noticeable. There are various ways to find the best diamond stud earrings for women or for men that work for you.

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