22 Best Jewelry Box Designs and Knowing the Various Models

Examples of beautiful jewelry box designs include the regular jewelry box, jewelry armoire, and wall jewelry box. Choose one that fits your needs and preference.

When it comes to jewelry box designs, chances are people are thinking about something delicate and lovely such as ballerina jewelry box that will be suited perfectly to the decoration theme and idea for their bedroom. Well, unfortunately, if you consider only the looks of the jewelry box when you are buying one, this means a bad news as the precious items you keep inside one will get horribly tangled, and even worse: tangled. When you are buying new jewelry box, either women’s or men’s jewelry box, consider these options to find one that fit your needs perfectly.

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The typical jewelry box designs are usually to be placed on a table or dressed with a lid put on top to open the storage unit. Some boxes are designed with additional drawers or trays, as well as extra padded compartments. If you need only store a few pieces and have the abundance of jewelry only in one type, this makes an excellent choice. There is a thing called as a keepsake box referring to the more decorative and elaborate jewelry box usually to store small items with sentimental value. Compared to regular jewelry box, a keepsake one is typically smaller.

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However, if you have a large jewelry collection, a jewelry armoire is the more suitable option for you. The jewelry armoire looks like ones used for clothing and is available in different sizes. The available storage space the armoire has is usually the reason why it’s not popular for men’s jewelry box as men tend to have only a little jewelry collection—or at least less than what women have. There are several cabinets with hooks, storage drawers, and even a mirror in a jewelry armoire.

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For you who need jewelry box that can occupy the empty wall space in your room, the wall jewelry boxes are the ideal choice for you. Typically, they hang like a medicine cabinet on the wall, reducing clutter on your dresser, especially if you have a small one. You can find how wall jewelry boxes are often designed with plenty of space for you to store jewelry, particularly necklaces. And just like medicine cabinets, they often have a mirror on the door. Without a doubt, they aren’t like ballerina jewelry box that look so delicate with way smaller storage space.

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We always highly recommend you to buy jewelry box designs that are made from wood. While there are wonderful plenty metal and enamel jewelry boxes on the market, wood is always the best option to keep your jewelries and accessories safe and sound, including when you are shopping for men’s jewelry box. Choose the well-treated wood to prevent moisture buildup and provide a certain level of insulation. Even if you choose lovely ballerina jewelry box, opt for one which storage compartment is made from wood.

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